true colors


so i didn’t take any notes this weekend at the conference.

so i don’t have anything to post. but it was really good. he [del tacket] answered a lot of very fundamental questions that are essential, not just being a Christian, but to life itself.

truth is a very tricky thing for my generation because we don’t really like to believe anything. we just like to question everything.

and then concoct our own belief systems based off of a thousand different belief systems.

and then ask why nothings working.


i spoke sunday morning at church, and it went good. thanks to my church family for being supportive.

if you do any sort of design at all you know that color combination sucks. if you struggle with that at all, i highly recommend jim krause’s book ‘color index’. it has over 1100 color combinations, and its just pretty nifty.

thanks for reading (if anyone is reading).


music: Neon Golden. The Notwist.


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